Photo by Christian Tyler Randolph

Photo by Christian Tyler Randolph

Ryan and I met at Western Kentucky University in 2007. He had the hots for me (I later found out...) and didn’t get the nerve to ask me out until our senior year. I liked him but I wasn’t sure if my feelings were mutual. We were married on a rainy day atop a mountain in Southwest Virginia, just ten days before our fourth dating anniversary. 

During our time in school we worked with some of the top photojournalism professors in the country. After school I worked as a staff photographer at a newspaper in Virginia (The Roanoke Times). Ryan has worked as a freelance photographer for the past several years (and continues to do so) with clients including The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and more. 

After three years in Virginia we picked up and moved south to sunny Florida (my home state) and are now taking pictures in the sun and enjoying the warm weather.


- Rebecca


Kind Words


"Our son Wyeth's Bar Mitzvah was so beautifully photographed by Ryan & Becca. They were almost invisible, capturing the full essence of the event. We were particularly pleased with the quality of light and artistic composition that was so well-executed. They are an awesome team who understand quality and peak moments. We were awed and grateful they were there to share and preserve such a significant part of our life and culture. Thank you for your professionalism!"

- Stephanie, John, Wyeth and Aria


"My wife Stephanie and I have been lucky enough to work with Ryan and Becca on several occasions, and I can wholeheartedly recommend them as two of the most talented, savvy photographers I've ever known.
We first met them when Stephanie hired them to do a photo-shoot for her vintage clothing store. Ryan and Becca perfectly captured Stephanie’s quirky, artsy vibe, and the photos were an immediate success:  We saw a clear uptick in her business, and Stephanie received a ton of compliments all over town and online. 
After that, it was an easy choice to work with Ryan and Becca on our engagement photos, and yet again on our wedding photos. I'll get back to just how distinctive and beautiful those images are in a moment, but first I want to highlight some of the things that make them so valuable to work with. 
Professionalism: Ryan and Becca are always punctual, responsive and conscientious. They are also thoroughly well organized, from helpful consultations to thoughtful details such as offering Facebook-ready photos and digital downloads, to thumb drives, prints, books – whatever you need. They make the business side of the arrangement simple and reliable, which in my opinion matters almost as much as their artistry. 
Training and Experience: One thing that sets Ryan and Becca apart – they’ve both trained and worked as professional photojournalists. With such diverse, deadline-driven experiences, they bring a level of judgment and adaptability and a sense of timing, that you don’t often encounter. They’re equally comfortable composing images in advance or reacting on the fly, and they always capture the spirit of the person or the moment. 
Versatility: We've worked with Ryan and Becca in quite a few settings:  Urban, rural, indoors, outdoors, modern, retro; groups, couples and solos, posed or candid, goofy and touching; for business, for our personal lives, for social media or for framed prints in both color and black and white. They nail it all.
Event Savvy: Whenever we work with Ryan and Becca, I’m always surprised and grateful at what an asset they are to the event itself. They shift easily and as needed from the “directors,” who keep a rowdy group entertained yet on-task, to “documenters,” who fade into the background and find the perfect moments in a hectic swirl. They’re also a welcome source of advice and calm, not to mention great company. 
… and Artistry: As for the images themselves – can I devote a thousand words to each? Said clumsily but with all my heart, the images that they create are simply stunning. We are not models – we’re your familiar young couple who is sometimes hipster, sometimes awkward, frequently corny and often self-conscious. Yet when I see us through Ryan and Becca’s eyes, I’m always left thinking, “Holy cow, is that really us?” Or:  “Yes – that is exactly how crazy and awesome my crazy Aunt Uvonne is!” 
Let me put it another way. Perhaps the highest compliment that you can pay a photographer, and a perfect description of both Ryan and Becca: They discover the best in each of us, and they make those moments an honest joy to look upon and to share with the world. 
In short, I really cannot recommend Ryan and Becca highly enough: Whatever your need or occasion, you won’t find two more talented, professional photographers to work with."

- Adam Dorris