Paige & Garrett - Wedding

Ryan and I met Paige and Garrett back in the winter at a local coffee shop. It was difficult for all of us to stay on the topic of the wedding because we got along so well that the conversation just carried itself along. I think we ended up staying there for close to three hours. But it didn’t feel like it.

Their wedding was at Wintergreen Resort, and we were lucky enough to spend two nights at this mountaintop lodge.

The day started off with fishing for Garrett and yoga for Paige, and they were surrounded by their closest friends and family members, which made it so much fun for us. And to top it off, the ceremony took place at a gorgeous overlook.

Paige was so beautiful in her dress, and the smile on Garrett’s face when he first saw her was super sweet.

And the reception was so much fun that they decided to keep it going much longer than they’d planned.

The honeymoon was a surprise to Paige — Garrett had planned the whole thing. He wouldn’t tell her what flight they were getting on until the last minute.  She even thought they were going to Africa at one point! (They honeymooned in Mexico, about 45-minutes south of Cancun, and Paige said it was fantastic.)

We are so glad we were able to spend their wedding weekend with them, and we wish them the best of luck!

- Becca