So Lucky

So Lucky

Almost 15 years ago I experienced one of the happiest days of my life…I got a horse. (And yes, marrying my husband, Ryan, was also one of the happiest days of my life!)

There’s something so special about a horse. I can’t put it into words. (I know I use the word “special” a lot. But I can’t help it.)

Over the years, my horse has brought me so much joy. She’s gotten me through some really tough times. There’s nothing like wrapping my arms around her neck, burying my face in her hair and having a good cry when I’m upset. It’s very cathartic. I love riding, and it’s good for you (horseback riding is exercise…I will not argue about this). And just being at the barn clears my mind. Sitting outside of my horse’s stall reading, eating lunch out in the pasture while she’s grazing…I love it all.

So when I found out that a sweet woman that I’d come to know from just being around the barn was getting her own horse, a lifelong dream of hers, I knew I wanted to document it.

When Lucky arrived, Jen’s face just lit up. And so did her daughter Ella’s! They were so happy. And that made me happy. I hope Lucky brings them at least as much happiness as my horse has brought me through the years.

Enjoy the photos!

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