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Wyeth - Bar Mitzvah

Wyeth - Bar Mitzvah

I met Wyeth a little over two years ago, when I was the summer photo intern at The Roanoke Times.

I needed a place to live and wasn’t having much luck finding anything, and his mom, a photographer at the paper, offered to let me live with her family, before she even met me.

I lived with their family for the whole summer. We played board games and went sailing, and I felt like a part of the family.

So shooting Wyeth’s Bar Mitzvah was special.

He’s grown up so much over the past couple of years.  I was so proud of him for becoming a Bar Mitzvah, and thankful that Ryan and I were able to be a part of it.


- Becca

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Emily & Eric - Wedding

Emily & Eric - Wedding

On June 29, Becca and I were getting ready for bed when I heard a lot of noise outside.

I walked out onto the porch to see all of our plants bending sideways, and our horse wind chimes looked like they were about to gallop down the street. What we didn’t realize at the time is that the majority of Roanoke and the state of Virginia had lost power due to a derecho.

I got to the church early to meet Eric, and was introduced to Father Joe.

“Are you ready to punt,” Father Joe said.

At first I thought the wedding was cancelled. Then I realized he just meant that we would have the wedding without lights or power.

Little did I know that Emily had her own crises to deal with earlier that morning. (Becca filled me in later.) The salon that the bridesmaids had appointments with didn’t have power, so they had to go somewhere else. And Loch Haven Lake (the reception site) didn’t have power, and they were located on a well. So they had to track down two porta potties to have delivered to the site.

The main sanctuary was lit with only five or so candles, one skylight in the back and light filtering in through the lobby.

Despite the 81 mph winds the previous day, no power, no AC and 102° temperatures, Emily and Eric were married and it was beautiful.

Emily and Eric, we wish you luck and a life that never has to deal with temperatures that high and no AC, ever again.

-- Ryan

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Stephanie & Adam - Engagement

Stephanie & Adam - Engagement

I met Stephanie last fall after walking into her vintage clothing and craft shop, Freckles, in Roanoke. I planned on spending only a few minutes browsing but was quickly swept up talking to Stephanie.

I'd gotten to know her over the past few months and when she asked us to take some photos of her and her fiance, Adam, I was psyched. Stephanie and Adam are perfect for each other, and it's impossible to be around them without smiling and laughing.

The day we spent shooting was tons of fun (despite the really, really cold weather), and we're looking forward to photographing their wedding in a few years.

- Becca

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