• 1-2 hour session, in-home
  • 50-75 images in an online gallery for easy downloading, with 10% discount for print orders placed within 10 days
  • Full copyright printing release

Think of lifestyle family photography as a family portrait, but better. Think less smiles plastered on everyone’s faces looking at the camera, and more like a genuine laugh between a mother and child, or sharing a book before the kids’ bed times or a father walking around the house with a child on his shoulders as they laugh together at the fun they’re both having.

Lifestyle images have a sweet, genuine feel to them, that sometimes does not come with traditional portraiture. Capturing moments in your home, where your kids are comfortable running around the house barefoot and where you and your spouse are comfortable snuggling on the couch are so meaningful…trust me.

Before a lifestyle session, let’s talk about you and your family and the things and moments in everyday life that are important to you. (I am more than happy to grab a cup of coffee with you, or we can just talk on the phone, Skype or email. Whatever is easiest for you.) 

We’ll plan to shoot for approximately 1-2 hours at your home. I will take a traditional family photo, but then we will move on to document the relationships in your home. For families, I’ll photograph the kids with each parent, by themselves, as siblings or just you and your significant other. I’ll hang out for something we plan to do together…an activity that you normally do together. Some ideas are arts and crafts, baking, or cooking breakfast together on the weekends, bath time, reading stories to the kids, etc. 

If you’ve just welcomed a baby into your lives, this is also a great time to document what life looks like, with just a little bit of direction from me. I’ll make sure to take photos of your family with the baby, their tiny toes, baby cuddles and of course, the nursery you’ve probably spent so much time to make perfect. 

These are the photos that have always been most important to me, especially with my background in photojournalism. They’re usually the photos that show so much feeling, emotion and joy. Messy kids’ bedrooms (I know, you’re probably cringing right now at the thought of a stranger seeing this!), refrigerators covered with your child’s artwork, cuddling on the couch after a long day… I prefer shooting in your home because that’s where you and your family feel most comfortable. Yes, I will be a stranger in your home, and it will be weird at first. But after the first 10-15 minutes, you’ll forget I’m there, and that’s when I’ll be able to capture the most meaningful photos of you and your family. It will be fun, I promise.